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Vincent Chhabra, Entrepreneur

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Vincent Chhabra

About Vincent

An accomplished entrepreneur, Vincent Chhabra hails from the great state of Ohio and currently resides in sunny South Florida. Vincent is a true businessman and has been instrumental in various aspects of the industry as an investor and business strategist. He has worked in a wide range of fields, including e-tailing, healthcare, legal services, and online education.

Since his start, Vincent’s companies have generated well over $500 million in revenues. He continues to strive for greatness in his endeavors lending his hand to ensure success in the creation of major growth strategies through avenues such as new market penetration, mergers and acquisitions, and industry roll-ups.

Vincent was raised in Columbus, Ohio under the guidance of his parents. His family has been an instrumental part of his success by aiding and helping him create his companies as well as lending capital and their extensive knowledge to ensure revenue for the company, making it a true family business.

Though a successful entrepreneur, Vincent is most proud of his philanthropic achievements. Always believing that education is the gateway to freedom, Vincent is determined to spread the message that education always offers the chance of a happier and brighter future. To that note, Vincent has offered hundreds of thousands of dollars to underprivileged communities that show immense promise. Additionally, he has contributed to many philanthropic efforts through numerous donations and volunteered time.

Vincent Chhabra lives by the motto: “Make money by doing good in the world!”